How To Use Tropical Themed Bathroom Accessories To Add Spice To Your Bathroom

If you're like most people you probably live in an area that isn't even remotely tropical, it may even be an area like Maine that is dark and gray much of the year. So maybe you have just come back from a tropical vacation from an area like Florida where I live, or maybe the Bahamas and you are suddenly missing the tropics. All of a sudden the decor you once loved feels drab and you want to make a change to bring you back to the warmth and color of the tropics.

Even though you are unable to convince your spouse to convert the entire home into a remake of a Jimmy Buffet Parrothead bar and grill you are able to convince them to allow you to at least make the master bathroom into a tropical oasis. While the addition of tropical bathroom accessories will not transport you back to your favorite destination they will help you to relax and remember what it was like and help you to escape a little while. The palm trees and bright colored flowers in most tropical themes can help you to forget that you are back home, even if only for a little while.

You don't have to be trying to relive your tropical vacation to enjoy the color and beauty of a Caribbean themed bathroom. The tropical look in your bathroom will automatically brighten your mood and make you smile as soon as you walk in. For most of us the bright tropical colors and palm trees just make us feel relaxed and take away the everyday burdens of the world. You can choose to turn your master bath into a retreat or just add some accessories to your guest bath or a kid's bathroom to bring the tropics home.

Tropical bathroom accessories come in a wide assortment of styles and colors, including some that make you feel as if you were on the ocean. Some of these colors may be toned down and may have muted pastel colors on curtains and other items. In contrast they may be bright and colorful with sea turtles and dolphins all over and may even be created to look three dimensional with starfish and seashells.

Palm trees are another very popular design when it comes to tropical accessories, these are a good choice for people who may not want the bright colors of flowers and want a more muted tropical theme. These themes are found in earth tones like green, brown, and tan. Of course one of the themes I see a lot here in Florida is the Flamingo, it seems almost everyone identifies the Flamingo with Florida.

Even after you have chosen the theme you still have the accessories such as the toothbrush holder, soap dish holder, lotion dispenser, and waste baskets. You can match them directly with the theme or choose just one element of the theme to match.


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