Tips To Help Find An Effective Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff is a problem that not only affects your looks but can also result in dry hair and weaken it. Severe dandruff sometimes can play havoc with your confidence levels. It is difficult to manage dandruff as it has the weird habit of showing and falling on your clothes. It shines brightly and stands out on dark shirts and jackets.

Dandruff becomes more of problem for those who have dark hair. Dandruff is less visible in light hair since it the color masks the presence of the dry flakes. But those with dark hair need to grapple with this problem, day in and day out. Some times dandruff becomes so serious that it forms scales and causes itching. Scratching can lead to flakes that fall all over your shoulders and can cause a lot of embarrassment. It can also causes small rashes to appear on your forehead, increasing the agony that one goes through.

Dandruff may be classified as severe and light. There are not many options to choose from types of dandruff treatment. In cases of a light dandruff, washing your hair with a good quality dandruff shampoo once or twice a week, should work well for removing dandruff.

Severe dandruff is a different ball game altogether. Severe dandruff requires washing your hair with a dandruff shampoo daily. However, such extensive use of shampoo every day of the week tends to make hair dry and weak, leading to further problems.

Choosing the right shampoo that would suit your hair is not a big deal. You simply have to try one or more dandruff shampoo brands available in the market to decide which one suits you the best.

As extensive use of shampoo tends to harm your hair in different ways, it is better to use a good quality conditioner after every shampoo. This should keep your hair healthy and strong. Another way is to use a moisturizing shampoo after the dandruff shampoo and then use a good conditioner a couple of times a month. This too will keep dandruff away.

Vitamins too are said to be helpful in keeping your hair free of dandruff. You may use vitamins for some time and see if they improve the condition of the skin on your head or not. Even if they do not, a restricted use of vitamins is not going to do any harm and may help in making your hair look healthy, if nothing else.

If over the counter shampoos do not prove to be a good dandruff treatment in your case, a visit to the physician is called for. He may recommend some prescription shampoos which may not be available off the shelf. These are specially made shampoos that are meant for dandruff treatment. Make sure to follow the instructions of the doctor meticulously.
Whatever dandruff treatment you choose, try not to let your hair become dry and brittle. That may become a bigger problem than dandruff.


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